Book Donations & Trade-In Program

Thank you for thinking of The Next Chapter Books & Art when trying to re-home your used books! We are happy to accept used books either as donations or as trade-ins, but due to space and time considerations, we must limit what we can accept.

What we can use:



*Local interest (North Carolina)

*Children’s fiction and nonfiction


*Local authors

We accept paperbacks and hardbacks of all of these. We will also accept audiovisuals. We prefer gently used books and hardbacks with dustcovers, but we will sometimes accept books with some wear and tear.

What we cannot accept:



*Used coloring books and workbooks

*Paperbacks with torn or ripped covers

*Most cookbooks **ONLY bestsellers

*Most self-help/health books **Only bestsellers

*”Great Classics” series-type books

*Reader’s Digest condensed books

*Erotica of any sort (including 50 Shades of Grey)

The Trade-In Program

You receive $1 credit for each paperback and $2 credit for each hardback. We can keep this on account for you at the store. Credit may be used for up to 50% off used book purchases. For instance, if you have $12 credit, you may purchase $24 of used books for only $12.

Prices of our used books are as follows:

$4 paperbacks

$6 tall paperbacks

$8 hardbacks

If you have any questions about our donations or trade-in program, please contact Michelle Flye at 252-633-5774 or

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