Remote Shopping Option

WE ARE OPEN! Our schedule is limited, but we please check our hours if you’d like to browse the store. However, for those who do not wish to venture inside, we are still offering remote shopping. If you want something good to read, give me a call at 252-633-5774 or shoot me a message at mgflye at yahoo dot com and tell me what you’re looking for. I’m offering customized grab bags of used books for $20. Also, be sure to follow my Facebook and/or Instagram pages for pics of our available artwork and gifts. If you find something you want, let me know. Gift certificates are also available.

Our prices are as follows:

Used Books:

Hardbacks: $8

Tall paperbacks: $6

Regular paperbacks: $4

Children’s books: $1.99 to $3

Local Authors:

Addario, Dan, Chasing the Dragon $24.99

Armstrong, Edward Porter, Impressions $9.95

Azzole, Peter J., Assignment Bletchley $14.95

Azzole, Peter J., Assignment London $14.95

Azzole, Peter J., Assignment Norway $14.95

Azzole, Peter J., Assignment Casablanca $14.95

Azzole, Peter J., Hell to Pay $14.95

Bartholf, Daniel, History of Firefighting in New Bern, North Carolina $25.99

Barton-Barrett, Tracie, Buried Deep in Our Hearts $15.00

Benners, Bill, My Sister’s Keeper $16.95

Beth, Laura, 2 Girls 2 Cats Set $50.00

Beth, Laura, 2 Girls 2 Cats $7.00

Beth, Laura, Lacey and Her Tigers $7.00

Beth, Laura, Jillie and Her Sassy Cat $8.00

Beth, Laura, Graduation Summer $9.00

Beth, Laura, Nadia’s Sweet Tea $9.00

Beth, Laura, Jake The Gatekeeper $6.00

Beth, Laura, The Magic and the Mystery $7.00

Beth, Laura, The SeaCrit Garden $9.50

Biss, Garrett, The Gifts of Giving $12.95

Biss, Garrett, The Spheres Approach to Happiness and Fulfillment $17.99

Bowie, Phil, Dagger and Other Tales $7.99

Bowie, Phil, Deathsman $14.99

Bowie, Phil, Diamondback $14.99

Bowie, Phil, Guns $14.99

Bowie, Phil, Killing Ground $14.99

Bowie, Phil, Kllrs $14.99

Breuer, Juliet, Dream Play Journal $14.95

Cardoza, Brian, The Unexpected Victim $11.95

Casem, Mikie, Circle of Grace $16.95

Cedarleaf, Glenda, A Guide for Writing & Recording Guided Imagery Meditations $22.00

Cedarleaf, Glenda, Meditative Bedtime Stories $15.00

Cobham, Heather W., Hungry Mother Creek $14.99

Cobham, Heather W., The Mother Tree $14.99

Coleman, Scott, Three Times the Trouble $20.99

Cox, Lynne, The Christmas Doll Bed $6.00

Cox, Sherrie, The Journey of a Broken Heart $15.00

Cox, Sherrie, The Shattered Heart $15.00

Crayton, Skip, Life After Death $16.95

Crouell, Mellanie, 25 Days of Roses $8.00

Crouell, Mellanie, Sweet Dreams $8.00

Crouell, Mellanie, Set of Two $15.00

D’Agostino, Mary, Invisible Imprints $13.99

Darrah, Cora, Empty Hands $14.95

Darrah, Cora, Here We Go Joe $12.99

Darrah, Cora, Jerry Barry Living Healthy $12.95

Darrah, Cora, Seasons at the Bus Stop $12.95

Davis, Sir Charles, First Borns $18.95

Dennis, Joni, Mermaids, Yachts and Karma $14.95

Dennis, Joni, Mermaids, Yachts and Rum $14.95

Dodd, Karen, Bear With Me, Dear $13.95

Dodd, Karen, Begin Again, Quinn $13.95

Dodd, Karen, Carolina Comfort $12.95

Dodd, Karen, Carolina Comfort II $12.95

Dodd, Karen, Deadbeat at the Palace $13.95

Dodd, Karen, Down East on Nelson Island $12.95

Dodd, Karen, Shifting Sands $13.95

Dodd, Karen, Spirit of Union Point $13.95

Edwards, Jenni Raney, Bumping Down Highways $16.00

Edwards, Deidre, Toolkit for Caregivers $14.99

Edwards, Deidre, Toolkit for Wellness $14.00

Elliott, Lt. William Craig, Mike Blackstone NIS Special Agent $12.95

Flye, Michelle Garren, Close Up Magic $8.99

Flye, Michelle Garren, Escape Magic $8.99

Flye, Michelle Garren, Island Magic $8.99

Flye, Michelle Garren, Movie Magic $8.99

Flye, Michelle Garren, Becoming Magic $8.99

Flye, Michelle Garren, Dickens Magic $8.99

Flye, Michelle Garren, Out of Time $12.99

Flye, Michelle Garren, Time Being $12.99

Flye, Michelle Garren, Timeless $12.99

Flye, Michelle Garren, Ducks in a Row $12.99

Flye, Michelle Garren, Saturday Love $12.99

Flye, Michelle Garren, Tracks in the Sand $12.99

Flye, Michelle Garren, Weeds and Flowers $12.99

Flye, Michelle Garren, Times and Ties $5.00

Folsom, Richard, The Pareto Spread $17.99

Fowler, Captain Alfred N., Hurricanes to Antarctica $19.95

Fowler, Punk, Poems from Punk $19.95

Frank, Polly, The Woman in the Mirror $17.99

Furney, William Charles, Aphrodite’s Whisper $19.99

Furney, William Charles, Black Hearts White Bones $19.99

Gee, Shelley, Jessica Entirely $8.99

Gee, Shelley, Jessica Naturally $8.99

Grimshaw, Tori, Pinball Princess $12.95

Hall, Flavius B., In the Sweet By and By $15.00

Hall, Flavius B., Judy and Mabel in New York City $15.00

Hall, Flavius B., Living Through the Civil War $50.00

Hall, Flavius B., Mama, Belk’s and Me $20.00

Hall, Flavius B., Precious Lord Take My Hand $25.00

Hall, Flavius B., The Real Captain Charlie $30.00

Harris, Brenda, Poultry at Lavendar Cottage $16.00

Harris, Brenda, Poultry Snowed in at Lavendar Cottage $16.00

Harris, Brenda, Set with Hen $40.00

Harris, David, A Song for Zipporah $19.95

Harvey, Kristy Woodson, Dear Carolina $16.00

Harvey, Kristy Woodson, Lies and Other Acts of Love $15.00

Harvey, Kristy Woodson, Slightly South of Simple $16.00

Harvey, Kristy Woodson, The Secret to Southern Charm $16.00

Harvey, Kristy Woodson, The Southern Side of Paradise $16.00

Hermon, Cathwren, The Road Goes Ever On $20.00

Hermon, Cathwren, Wait for It! $25.00

Hermon, Cathwren, We’re All in this Thing Together $25.00

Hermon, Cathwren, Why Weep and Wait? $25.00

Hoke, Kat, The Croatan Woods $9.95

Hoke, Kat, The Bug Club $9.95

Hoke, Kat, Squirrel Trouble $9.95

Hoke, Kat, Coming Home $9.95

Hollister, Sherri, Chrome Pink $15.00

Hollister, Sherri, White Gold $15.00

Hollister, Sherri, Evergreen Crystals $15.00

Hollister, Sherri, Titanium Blue $15.00

Hollister, Sherri, Red Steel $15.00

Horvath, S.I., Picara $12.95

Jones, Joey, A Bridge Apart $18.74

Jones, Joey, Losing London $18.74

Jones, Joey, A Field of Fireflies, $18.74

Jones, Joey, The Date Night Jar $18.74

Jones, Rebecca and Kandice Antwine, Changing Tides $10.00

Julian, Jeanne, Blossom and Loss $10.00

Julian, Jeanne, Like the O in Hope $16.00

Julian, Jeanne, Relic and Myth $8.00

Keel, Gary, Executive Order 14900 $15.95

Kelly, Lynette P., Treasures for Tots $10.00

Kies, Thomas, Random Road $15.95

Kies, Thomas, Darkness Lane $15.95

Kitchen, Zachary J., Nine Line $14.95

Kitchen, Zachary J., Promises to Keep $14.99

Kitchen, Zachary J., The Unbeliever $14.99

Lettick, Eileen, Sarah the Bold $12.00

Lewis, Tom, Fifty Years to Midnight $14.95

Lewis, Tom, Sons of their Fathers $12.95

Lewis, Tom, Zena’s Law $14.95

Love, Sam, Cogitation $15.00

Love, Sam, Converging Waters $9.99

Love, Sam, My Little Plastic Bag $10.95

Lunney-Hampson, Carol Z., Stella’s Special Summer $12.00

Lutes, Mari Beth, Is This a Spiritual Awakening? Or My Bipolar? $12.95

MacDonald, Murdina, Blackhouse God’s House $20.95

Manning, Jay, BeeBop’s New World (hardback) $24.95

Manning, Jay, BeeBop’s New World (paperback) $12.95

Manning, Jay, BeeBop Gift Set $25.00

Manning, Leslie Tall, Ga Ga $13.00

Manning, Leslie Tall, I am Elephant, I am Butterfly $14.00

Manning, Leslie Tall, Knock on Wood $16.00

Manning, Leslie Tall, Maggie’s Dream $14.00

Manning, Leslie Tall, Upside Down in a Laura Ingalls Town $14.00

Maulucci, Jane, You Can Make a Living at That? $14.95

McLawhorn, Richard, Grandaddy’s Stories $12.99

McLawhorn, Richard, Need to Know and Other Stories from North Carolina $12.99

McLawhorn, Richard, Norfolk’s Birthday $15.99

McLawhorn, Richard, Norfolk’s Granddaughter $15.99

McNally, Robert, Life is a Dream $18.99

Osborn, Alice, After the Screaming Stops $10.00

Osborn, Alice, Heroes Without Capes $14.00

Osborn, Alice, Unfinished Projects $10.00

O’Callahan, Joseph and Joyce, Ghosts of New Bern $14.95

Pamlico Writers Group, A Carolina Christmas $12.00

Pamlico Writers Group, Reflections, Images and Memories $12.00

Parker, Kate et al, Christmas Revels $14.00

Parker, Kate et al, Christmas Revels IV $14.00

Parker Kate, Deadly Scandal $12.00

Parker Kate, Deadly Wedding $12.00

Parker Kate, Deadly Fashion $12.00

Parker, Kate, Deadly Deception $12.00

Parker, Kate, The Vanishing Thief $13.00

Parker, Kate, The Counterfeit Lady $13.00

Parker, Kate, The Royal Assassin $13.00

Parker, Kate, The Conspiring Woman $13.00

Parker, Kate, The Detecting Duchess $13.00

Parker, Kate, The Mystery at Chadwick House $10.00

Phennah, Sharon, You Can’t Iron a Wrinkled Birthday Suit $17.95

Raymond, Jilliana, Before Your Last Breath $9.99

Raymond, Jilliana, New Beginnings $15.00

Raymond, Jilliana The New Covenants $9.99

Satterley, E.M., Nowhere to Go $17.95

Singletary, Natalie, The Diamond Trilogy $20.00

Skinner, H.S., Amelia’s Echoes $15.00

Skinner, H.S., Willow’s Green Man $15.00

Skinner, H.S., Jennilee’s Light $15.00

Skinner, H.S., The Last Dragonhealer $15.00

Skinner, Heidi, Jilly’s Mural $15.00

Skinner, Heidi, In the Garden $10.00

Smith, Kim Rice, The Heart of a Warrior $19.95

Smith, Kim Rice, My Warrior Child $14.95

Smith, Kim Rice, The Heart of Hannah $13.95

Spendlove, Janine K., The Half-Blood $17.99

Spendlove, Janine K., The Hunter $17.99

Spendlove, Janine K., The Heart $17.99

Sprouls, Bridget, Gnome at the Laundromat $10.00

Sprouls, Bridget, Troll at the Train Station $10.00

Staat, Blaine, Clash of the Figments $10.00

Staat, Blaine, Finding Liberty $10.00

Staat, Blaine, What So Proudly We Hailed $10.00

Storm, Jillian, The Burden of Secrets $12.99

Stroh, Patricia, The ABCDEFG Disorder $14.99

Swan, Sarah Maury, Earthquakes $15.95

Swan, Sarah Maury, Emily’s Ride to Courage $14.95

Swan, Sarah Maury, Terror’s Identity $12.95

Thomas, J.R., January’s Storm $12.99

Thomas, J.R., Retribution $12.99

Thomas, J.R., Revenge $12.99

Thomas, J.R., Promises to Keep $12.99

Thomas, J.R., Lost Love $12.99

Thomas, J.R., Bittersweet $12.99

Van Kirk, Robert L., Wormwood $14.99

Van Kirk, Robert L., Wormwood Beyond Dead $14.99

Van Kirk, Robert L., Wormwood Politically Correct $14.99

Wallis, Deborah, Sweet Dreams and Flying Machines $17.95

Waters, Jimmy C., New Bern 1710 in the Carolinas $11.95

Waters, Jimmy C., The Bender Legacy, Civil War in North Carolina $12.95

Watford, Ben, A Man and a Mule $19.00

Watford, Ben, Desegregation of the Public Schools $15.00

Watford, Ben, James Stanley Jones vs. the Klan $19.00

Watford, Ben, The Complete Book of Fussing and Nagging $19.00

Watford, Ben, You Can’t Fall Off the Floor $19.00

Welch, Alan, Sea Doggerels $9.95

Wilson, Claudia, Highlander Unknown $15.95

Woodard, Patricia L., Ava and Salome $15.00

Woodard, Patricia L., Dos Veces en Colombia $15.00

Woodard, Patricia L., Twice Colombia $15.00

Woodard, Patricia L., We’re Waiting for You $15.00

Wright, Erica, Look What God Can Do $13.95

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