How do I join The Next Chapter family?

For Authors, Artists, and Publishers

What do you mean by “family”?

I refer to the local authors and artists as “family” because in a very real way, that’s what we are. We support each other and the store. I host book signings for my authors and a monthly ArtWalk for both authors and artists. Authors and artists can also host workshops at the store. I ask the other authors and artists to help publicize these events.

Will you buy my book, art, etc?

Short answer is “no”. I do not purchase art or books for resale, either from the author or a distributor/publisher. I sell books and art on consignment. When the books or art are approved for sale, you sign a standard consignment agreement with me. When your item sells, I send you a check. It’s that easy!

What books and art will you accept for consignment?

The Next Chapter Books & Art is dedicated to helping support local authors and artists. All authors and artists should be from North Carolina or have a close tie to the area. Books should be well-edited and formatted. I do not accept pornography of any kind. Art space is limited as this is a bookstore first, but I will do my best to find space!

Why should I keep my books at The Next Chapter when they’re available on Amazon?

Choosing where to keep your books (or your art) is a personal decision. The Next Chapter is gaining a reputation for its local author collection. As an independent author myself, I know the struggle. Our costs often outweigh any income we might gain from our writing. Few of us can give up our “day job”. I may not be able to make you a bestselling NYT author, but I am dedicated to the belief that there are more talented writers out there than what show up on the bestseller list.

Let’s build something great together.

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